Hearts and Minds

Get your head and your heart in the same place and start something wonderful.

Ali Fowler, Author & Coach


In this series, Ali takes you from inspiration to know how to wisdom to action.

 Her simple, easy to read style is for people of all ages and backgrounds, who are not ‘done yet’ and have more to do, offer, contribute or give back. She will encourage you to just start your ‘something wonderful’, by taking on a side project and just see where that takes you.

If you wanted to take on a project that could change your life or the lives of others, where would you go to find out where to start and how to do it? Answer: right here.

Join Ali and the growing global community of like minded people pursuing their life changing projects and receive notification when this book series is released by Balboa Press later this year.

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The Inspiration To Start Book

The Start Of Something Wonderful

The How Do I Do It Book

The Advantage Book

The Planning Book